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How well do you know me?

Just for fun – låt oss damma av en gammal quizz!

1, My favourite drink is:
– Cocktails
– Beer
– White wine
– Scotch. Single malt.

2, My parents are from:
– Germany
– Sweden
– Sweden and Holland
– Denmark and Holland

3, My favourite pet is:
– A snake
– A cat
– A turtle
– A cute guy

4, My favourite party outfit is:
– Disco, tubetop and glitter
– Something that reflects the latest trend
– Black, bondage and high heels
– Something sluty to make sure I don’t go home alone

5, I’m mostly compared to:
– A wolf, because I’m always loyal to my pack
– A tigress, because I’m rare, independent and shouldn’t be put in a cage
– A dog, because I’m in constant need of affection
– A platypus, because I don’t make sense

6, My perfect first date would be:
– Riding every ride in an amusement park
– Go to the movies and cuddle up in the dark
– A romantic, expensive restaurant
– Meeting his parents

7, A close friend once described me as:
– A big red dragon who hasn’t been alowed to breathe enough fire
– Under that hard surface she’s really the sweetest girl
– Someone who rips you apart first chance she gets
– Not as bad as she looks. She’s worse.

8, I’ve got a non-sexual fetich. Wich?
– Books and notebooks
– Handbags
– Earrings
– Shoooooooooes!

9, I feel most alive when:
– Riding a roller coaster
– I’m on stage
– Cuddling a baby
– I hurt

10, I smoke:
– A pack a day
– Only when drunk
– Never! It’s disgusting
– Cigars om rare occations

11, Wich is the one kind of guy I would never ever date?
– A computer freak
– An athlete
– Someone with tattoos all over
– A guy who drinks to much

12, My sexual preferences are:
– Latex
– Advanced roleplay
– S&M
– None of your business ;P

13, A bartender once made me a drink to match my personality. I got:
– A Vodka Martini. ”You look like a Bond babe.”
– A Cosmopolitan. ”You look trendy.”
– An Orgasm. ”You can have more at my place.”
– A Singapore Sling. ”Complicated as hell! But well worth the trouble.”

14, If you tell me you want me to be the mother of your children I’ll:
– Jump you like a rabid dog
– Insist on calling them Jebediah and Moriarty
– Introduce you to my parents
– ”Run to the hills! Run for your lii-iife!!”

Maila svaren för facit! 😀